26 December 2010

Uncharted Waters Online! (Qubeley's Shipbuilding Guide Part 1)

Alright, so the reason as to why I am reviving my old old old blog is because I am really sick and tired of having to repeat to almost every single player out there on what I need before I can build the ship. So yes here it is, a rough preliminary guide to customised shipbuilding for all those who would like me to build a ship for you in UWO (International server of course).

One thing I have to declare upfront is: I DO NOT provide ship consultation because being a (R5 current) shipbuilder and meeting the shipbuilding request is tough enough already, so I'll kindly appreciate if you guys out there can do your own research then provide me the information I need to build the ship...

Things you need to know before building a ship:
Level 11 and above: Any player need to have at least 1 job type to be more than level 11 (not combined) before an exchange or bazaar purchase can be made (both ways). I DO NOT entertain requests from those whom are under 11!

Ship building location: Certain ships can only be built in certain ports (refer to this link or see the screen-capped I took from the Eng Wiki site for overview below). So please do not tell me that you are not sure whether you want a Dhow or a Flute and ask me to go find out the stats/build price of the ship for you - it's a long long sail; don't be ridiculous! Go to TW Wiki, run a translate and do some research before putting in your ship build request please!

Ship cabin/crew space: Minimum required, minimum, maximum & MCD. What's the difference?
- Minimum required is often the quantity of sailors you need for your ship to sail normally (w/o having to incur fatigue - besides using frugality skill). Refer to image below - 40 is the minimum required in this case. Differs from ship to ship.
- Minimum, often a few more (1.2x) sailors than the minimum required mentioned above, this is really the lowest number of cabin you must live with for the ship. Refer to image below - 48 is the minimum for this ship in this case. Differs from ship to ship, formula for minimum is 1.2x of minimum required (e.g, 1.2x40 = 48).
- Maximum, the maximum number of cabin crew your ship can be fitted with (mainly used for maritiming/melee activities). Differs from ship to ship.
- Number of crew needed for maximising cannon damage (MCD), is governed by the formula "minimum required + (7/8 x No. of cannons) + 1". Refer to image below & assume 24 cannons, MCD crew = 40 + (7/8 x 24) + 1 = 40 + 21 + 1 = 62

Minimum/Maximum Cannons: Rule of thumb for all ships, minimum is 50% of default, and maximum is 150% of default (default as in what you can buy stock from Shipyard master).

Volume Distribution/Refitting: After a ship is built, for any R5 and above shipbuilder, he/she is able to refit the ship (if he/she meets all the x/y/z level requirements of the ship). What is refitting? It is basically, adjusting the min/max of cabin/cannons by varying your cargo size accordingly. Example: ship with default 40crew/20guns/140cargo, the Total Volume Distribution (TVD) is 40+20+140 = 200. Assuming you increase crew & guns to 50/30, cargo will go down to 200-50-30 = 120 accordingly/automatically.

Cost of ship to build: Varies from ship to ship, usually about 60% of what you buy from the shipyard master. Others that affect build price is - material used and cargo modification. Material cost can be seen from 1 of the tables below. As for cargo modification cost, I have not managed to figure what's the formula to it, but it's a fraction of the ship cost and varies from ship to ship. Lastly, refitting (requires shipbuild R5 and above) allows the ship volume distribution to be manipulated. For small ships, they're 1k per work item (cabin/cannons). For medium ships, they're 2.5k per work item and 5k for large ships per work item.


Step 1) Ship Selection
To Provide: Level of ship (A/T/M, where A = Adv lvl, T = Trade lvl, M = Maritime lvl). It is easier for me to go through the list of ships based on level requirements than by name - partly because I rely on TW Wiki where all the ship names are in chinese - translation sometimes can be wonky so I don't want to risk that - refer to estimated build cost based on the TW Wiki listings - price up applies on top of base cost for more costly material used as well as cargo expansion. Do note that as I am currently a R5 shipbuilder, (refer to TW Wiki listing), I am not able to build ships above skill level R5 cap.

Ship Selection: To provide levels of ship (A/T/M)

Step 2) Material Selection:
To provide: Material of ship. Material of a ship determines the ship's hull durability and sail speed (and also a different colour - because of the nature of the colour of the wood used, which affects only visual aesthetics).

Material Selection: To provide material used for ship

Types of materials' attributes, cost and available location

Step 3) Cargo expansion:
To Provide: a, b OR c configuration (b is usually recommended for traders/maritimer use of ships). The next step of the ship build will show what you can do to increase the Total Volume Distribution (TVD) which is defined by the sum of CREW + GUNS + CARGO. See illustrations below.

'a' config: about 2% (of base TVD) increase of cargo w/o any ship penalty

'b' config: about 4% (of base TVD) increase of cargo with -1 turn speed penalty

'c' config: about 6% (of base TVD) increase of cargo with lots of penalty

After I have all these information, I can then start to make the ship. Note that the required building days equals to number of sailing days - so it will take some time for the ship to be ready: not instant.


Step 4) Refitting the ship (optional)
To Provide: Min/Max cabin/cannon/cargo values. Since most of the time the min/max crew of the ship is not clear, it will be helpful if you know how you want your ship to be configured to. Usually if you do not have intentions to use the ship to do maritiming activities, min crew, min cannon and max cargo is the way to go.

Last but not least, if you want to thank me for my service, just kindly spread the word of this blog/site and/or click on the advertisements that I have on the site. Real money is definitely more rewarding than in-game Ducatts. Thanks a bunch for all those who have helped me indirectly one way or another thus far.

- "Qubeley" (UWO alias)


  1. how do i refit the ship? you never said where to go what to click and what items i need. i have the saw, but when i try to refit it the only thing that shows up is the sail changing thing! where did the rest of the thing go(volume distribution).

  2. Sorry if I didnt make it clear, it was actually mentioned earlier in the post under (see below)

    Just go to any shipwright and ask for refit, and with R5 shipbuild and above, you'll have access to changing the volume distribution of the ships you own.

    "Volume Distribution/Refitting: After a ship is built, for any R5 and above shipbuilder, he/she is able to refit the ship (if he/she meets all the x/y/z level requirements of the ship). What is refitting? It is basically, adjusting the min/max of cabin/cannons by varying your cargo size accordingly."

  3. Thanks for the guide.....im just start the game but its very ussefull.

  4. is there a place where i can see what ships i can build with each level?

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