23 February 2012

Up north

Met up with Mr J.A.Tan after work and headed up north hoping to get the whereabouts of cheap and good car polishing service.

Headed to Jusco @Tebrau for dinner at one of the Japanese restaurant on the top floor. I must say, their ramen and soup base is pretty good! We ordered some side dishes to share as well - Salmon fish balls and agedashi toufu - both as flavorful!

Drove by 'KSL city' en route to Taman Sentosa to the place where the cheap car wash/polishing service are located.

It was definitely wise to swing into JB on a weekday evening as the traffic is really a ton better. We didn't have to wait before our cars get their well deserved wash for having come a long way.

The washing and vacuuming only took about 20mins where we sat by some chairs along the roadside to idle/stone. After that, the most important step by topping up our fuel tank before heading back. I regrettably had pumped to a full tank before heading in and only managed to drown some miserable 5L of fuel into my ride... teaches me not to be too law-abidding at times... Before I drove off, some Kia cerato owner (sg plate) beckoned me to help him with a flat battery just when I was about to move off from the pump. Oh well, guess that counts as 1 good act. And while Mr Tan witnessed that, we waved hands and made our own way back.
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