05 April 2005

Weal or Woe

Haven't written an entry for about 3 weeks. Since the last entry, what had happened were 2 jamming sessions over 2 fridays (session #3 and #4) and some housing matters. Not to mention my shipment for BECK & KEITH osts from the anime BECK came in too plus my new softtoy - Jonathan the seal from Kaleidostar (yet another anime). Some recordings are available hosted on my yahoo briefcase, session#2-1 , session#2-2, session#3-1, session#3-2 and session#4. (disclaimer : I bear no responsibility for any damages inflicted on your hearing.)

Just last week, the government has released news to upgrade the Clementi Interchange and have it finished building by 2010. Upon receiving this piece of news, I was actually somewhat happy. Although even before the official release of this piece of news, the people living around the vicinity had already heard of news/rumours that the government is planning to do something with the land space which the 4 affected flats are currently located. So what the government had planned were to revacate us to some of the replacement flats at a nearby location or alternatively purchase a flat which will be built above the new shopping mall cum interchange. After going through serious discussions with my family, we've decided to buy a replacement flat that will be ready in 2010 together with the new shopping mall cum interchange. Reason being : the price of the flat will surely rocket by then. Yet right now, when we are given the choise to purchase them at a very reasonable price. Not to mention, this 27 year old flat that I'm currently residing in, costed only S$17.5k back then when my parents paid for it. The value has appreciated more than 12x till this very day.

Definitely, the thought of a new house is good. But then again, the woe comes in after realising that my mum has intention to include my 2nd bro and me within the co-owners for the new apartment. Good ? Yes, right. Bad, yeap. That means, should I be able to graduate in July'06, I've estimated that I'll be slogging for 2 years to repay my tuition grants/loans I've taken up for my 3 years of study with NTU. Yes, so if things go 'smoothly', I'd have only 2 years of savings before I have to start paying back on some housing loans should the new apartment require more fundings (eg, retail price, renovations, legal fees, housing loans/interest). Inevitably, I'm foreseeing that 5 years down the road, I'm pretty much gonna be a pauper even though if I were in the "Social University".

Probably, its weals and woes. Non-the-less, I guess I'll be looking forward to clearing all the loans and hopefully be lucky enough to settle down with a stead by then. Then the vicious cycle shall repeat itself ...... scrimp and save ...... Life's tough, so play hard now, when you've lesser responsibilities ...

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