01 July 2005

Short of karma ?

Things haven't been going all too smooth lately since the end of my industrial attachment and start of my vacation. If you're sick of reading my whinings, feel free to close your browser or navigate away and if you don't mind me, just let me moan and whine a little. I'm still humane, and I also need a place (or better still a person) to turn to moan/bitch everynow and then. Let the rantlings begin ......

The end of my attachment means the start of my vacation ! It also marks the start of unemployment yet I get ample of idle time. How contradicting eh ? Sent out 5 job applications for after running through jobsdb and jobstreet. As you probably already guess it, non of them replied my mail. Well, I didn't give up so easily, hence I went around walking in for interviews. Happened to come across Harbour Front Shopping Mall, and went for the walk-in for Breeks. Back at Clementi, I went to walk-in for K-Box. Yea, you don't have to be a prophet to predict the outcome. . No tarot divination is necessary too. Its obvious...

Not long after, 1 of my army-kah-kees introduced me a job opening with 1 of the job agencies. Without delay, I had called up the agent and asked for the job offer. Gotten it ! Woo Hoo~

Today (1st July) is the day of the nightmare. I've not felt this incredible amount of guilt ever since my 25 years of boring life. To put things simply, my job is to distribute some books pertaining to a "new" company which is going to be in the singapore stocks exchange. Over at my branch, theres only a quantity of 1000 books. The first day, my other colleague and I had distributed some 510 books. The 2nd day, 385 books. Today, the 3rd day, we're left with only some 105 books left, so we headed back to headquarters to get more supplies, another 150 copies. At about 11.30, a courier service man had come to deliver yet another 100 copies of the book. However, this batch of the books aren't exactly the same as what we were distributing earlier. We've neglected the printings on the cover of the book which says "Confidential" and "Not to be distributed in Singapore" because we are dangerously LOW on books by noon. These 100 copies were happily distributed and then we had a shock of our life at about 3pm when the publisher told us that these books weren't supposed to be distributed. At this point in time, we were dumbfolded. However, there is absolutely nothing we can do to get the copies we've already distributed out. So, we just kept the remaining books and called our supervisor. After some ruckus, in the end, the conclusion is, we're in DEEP DEEP SHIT. I'm still wondering if this new company will bring us to court as well or just our employers and/or the publisher, since from my understanding, the first degree of fault lies with the publisher where they had the goods delivered to the wrong branch, secondary fault was the person whom was supposed to accept this batch of goods is stationed (permanently) at the headquarters branch and finally its our fault for not calling to inform on the goods origin and whereabouts to our supervisor.

After my lunch at 4.30pm, the NIE GYM session from 6.30 to 8.15pm surely eased my head a little. Feeling much fresher and knowing its pointless to be brooding over it, my friend and I decided to go Jurong Point pasar malam to do some shopping. Alongst the way back home after alighting the train, upon sighting 2 bling men alighting a bus service, my guilty conscience instructed me to help them. Without further ado, brought them to their 'desintation' (food court) to have their dinner. Well, not that I wanna complain about them, but they're somewhat a little demanding. Brought them there, still have to buy food and drinks for them. orz ... Then they requested for chilli on their rice, then wanted to add rice. Oh well, perhaps if do exist, it might be a test to atone for my guilty conscience (for hell a TON of problems: who knows legal actions...) and for what trouble (my sup had to write a report) I've had caused today at work.

Looking on the bright side, it tells me that it certainly takes more than just initiative but the right initiative when you're being paid to get things done. I must learn from this lesson and never to repeat such blunders in future should I ever live to get employed...

By the way, Happy birthday Ion!


  1. *pats* Don't take it too hard. There bound to be mistakes done in life, esp when you are new to the job, environment, etc.

  2. Take it easy my friend. Just get over it anyway is just 4 more days to end that job.

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