17 June 2005

Mixed feelings

Well well well, its been 24weeks since the start of the wretched Industrial Attachment with Panasonic Singapore Laboratories Pte Ltd. Lousy allowance, bad location (from my point of view), screwed up food, workaholic supervisor are the things that I had felt that made the stay with the company very slow and lethargic.

The only things that I've had looked forward to is being trashed at the recreation room. Yea like real. I dislike losing, but shucks, 1 of my supervisor is GODLY at pool... He beat me pocketing 8 balls with 1 cue. OMFG. Nah, actually its the many short (sometimes very unusually long) travelling time that I have had with each and every other friends to/fro work. Thats the time when we can really unwind, talk like we don't have to care about anything else, like talking bad about my workaholic supervisor. =P Not to mention the various games we've had pitted amongst ourselves in the recreation room - both the pool table and the x-box (DOA volleyball!!).

Not to mention, this period of attachment has provided myself and my group of band members the most desirable gift, a blessed vocalist~. Ever since after the band had been formed, the world around me seems to have brightened up a lot. Especially, when there is ample time to get a life after work. Life is gonna be real tough after the last academic semester kick starts in end July. Priorities have to be weighted and for now, I've to put my best forward to manage my overloaded timetable before most things. Sorry, but band practises will definitely be cut down. And that really SUCKS......

I'll be really missing the fun-filled laughters that still rings in my head whenever I think back of my wretched stay with PSL. Its all thanks to these friends around me that has kept my sanity. Last but not least, I also ought to thank my almost geek-ish group of people in the mirc channel for 'standing by me' all this while through out the 24 weeks. Thank u PSL, though the allowance sucked big time, nonetheless, theres a ton of good engineers in it. Thanks, my supervisors for your most patience guidances.

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